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AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. Acro Yoga Perth brings people together, feeling the connection of energies. 
Train the physical body and at the same time strengthen the emotional and spiritual energies. Stretch, balance, trust, laugh, love. Awaken and balance your energies and share together. Feel your heart open and fill with goodness as you laugh, stretch, twist, balance, fly, nurture, embrace.
We will also combine some wonderful Thai Yoga massage techniques in the class to stretch,
nourish and nurture. Come fly with us. ph: 0427839402


Come and learn the art of therapeutic flying and nurturing thai massage. Stretch, restore, share, receive. Have fun and feel great!

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Bring your kids are share this awesome gift together :)

Experience the Joy of AcroYoga


Flying Therapeutics

Family AcroYoga

Learn the art of acroyoga and have in the process :) Explore a jamboree of play! Enjoy exploring new things and ignite your creativity and inspiration!!

We will practice core conditioning and learn the foundations of Acroyoga. Learn how to move fluidly in acroyoga, in and out of moves, transitions and flows.

AcroYoga Perth